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InstantMediaKit® Is Like Paint By Numbers

“At InstantMediaKit.com I just click a simple button and my whole media kit is almost instantly created for me. It’s like paint by numbers. It’s amazing! If you are a public speaker and you want to get your message out into the world in any way, shape or form through the media, you need InstantMediaKit®. Get it now!”

Robert Allen
Speaker & Best-Selling Author, Multiple Streams of Income No Money Down, RobertAllen.com – San Diego, CA

“You Can Count On InstantMediaKit To Give Them What They Want!”

“Anything anybody needs to know about you, that you need to let them know, they can go to your InstantMediaKit and you don’t have to hand feed them all that information. And, they can find it again and again…it’s all in one spot. It’s so easy!”

Sue & Steve Stoucy

InstantMediaKit® Has Given Me Permission To Breathe!

This is changing my life! I have missed out on thousands of dollars of bookings because I didn’t have all my materials together in one place, ready to go, at a snap of a finger. I feel like you have given my permission to breathe! You gotta leap all over it! Thank you InstantMediaKit®!

Lynn Rose
International Motivator, Singer, Author, TV & Radio Host, LynnRose.com – Marina Del Rey, CA

InstantMediaKit® Is Revolutionizing The Way You Get Booked!

“I believe InstantMediaKit® is going to be revolutionary in terms of the way you book speakers or the way that you send your information to people who are interested in booking you. As a beta-tester for Google, GoToMeeting, SalesForce.com and Microsoft, I was blown away with the ease of use and functionality of InstantMediaKit®.”

Alex Herrera
Operations Coordinator for Speaker Matthew Ferry & Beta-tester (Google, Microsoft, etc.) – Irvine, CA

A Star Is Born!

“I star in Homemade Millionaire on TLC with Kelly Ripa and a lot of how I got the job had to do with InstantMediaKit®. The producers, everybody loved it because it made it easy for them to be able to say “yes” to me. It was really my competitive advantage. Yes, InstantMediaKit®!”

Wendy Robbins
TV Host, Speaker, Author & Inventor,
NowhereToMillionaire.com – Taos, NM

InstantMediaKit® Is One Of The Smartest Business Decisions I’ve Ever Made!

“Since using InstantMediaKit®, I’ve been told that I’m one of the most organized speakers people have ever worked with. That makes it really easy for them to do business with me. I invested in InstantMediaKit® and I count this among one of the smartest business decisions I’ve ever made.”

Lisa Manyon
Content Strategist & Premiere Copywriter, WriteOnCreative.com – Lewiston, ID

InstantMediaKit Ensures You’re The Person That’s Going To Be In The Press!

“The thing I love is that you can easily update your InstantMediaKit. You don’t have to call the IT department to amend it. So all the information can be up-to-date, very quickly modified, and you can ensure you’re the person that’s going to be in the press and that you’re not yesterday’s news.”
Clare Mann

International Speaker & Author, ClareMann.com – Sydney, Australia

With InstantMediaKit I Was Able To Look Like A Pro To The Pros!

“With InstantMediaKit I was able to go to one place, have a cohesive message, send it out and look like a pro to the pros. For a small fee, I was able to accomplish everything myself instead of hiring some big firm to fill out the same fields that I could just as easily fill out myself.”

Matthew Gill
Producer, Actor & Stand-up Comedian, BurnTheBoatsProductions.com – Beverly Hills, CA

InstantMediaKit Will Make You Shine Above Your Competition!

“If you’re looking to get noticed, get known and maybe even get slightly famous you need InstantMediaKit because it will make you shine above your competition.”

Kelly O’Neil
Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Author, Speaker

InstantMediaKit, Where Have You Been All My Life!

“InstantMediaKit is so easy and cheap. It can cost $1000’s for a web developer or PR agency to do this for you. With InstantMediaKit, you just do it and click and it’s up there. In fact, it can even be your website. This is really cool!”

Rick Frishman
Publisher, Morgan James Publishing, Founder, Planned TV Arts, Best-selling Author & Speaker, RickFrishman.com – New York, NY


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