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 Do you setup IMK for me?
We do offer a service, “We’ll Build It For You.”
Otherwise, our technology allows users to walk through our VERY user-friendly, step-by-step automated system and setup your own IMK within minutes. If you find you need assistance, there are video tutorials, detailed checklists and help files located in our multimedia Training/Support Center. You can also use the help desk at any time to receive quick assistance from our support team.
How long does it take to setup my IMK?
That depends entirely upon you. The time to set up an IMK can very depending on how much content you have or how quickly and easily you can access that content. If you are prepared to upload all of your content, you can setup your IMK from start to finish in as fast as 10 minutes depending on your connection speed. Remember though, your IMK evolves as you evolve. Once you’ve got your foundation in place, then it’s just a matter of tweaking and adding new content as you acquire it.
Do I need to know HTML coding to setup my IMK?
No. We wanted to make this so easy a drunk gorilla could use it! (Not that we’re calling you a drunk gorilla). If you’ve ever filled out an aonline contact form, you can setup your IMK. Our technology does all of the HTML coding and customization for you.
Do I need to have content for every section IMK offers?
Absolutely not! IMKs offer you all of the technology you need and the ability to only use that which you need. If you don’t upload media, videos, etc., the links for those sections will not appear in the Navigation bar of your IMK. There are never blank pages in your IMK and every IMK automatically evolves to fit the needs of its user!
How old do I have to be to setup an IMK account?
The owner of the account must be 18 years or older to setup an IMK account.



Can I use my IMK as my main website?
Absolutely! We have many users who quickly realized that the power in their IMK is everything they need for a full-blown website and much more! We had that added benefit in mind when we developed the IMKs. Just point your Website domain name to your IMK URL and you have a Website AND an IMK all in one!
How often can I send someone to my IMK?
As many times as you can say InstantMediaKit. Number of visitors is UNLIMITED.
How often can I download from my IMK?
As often as you would like. All IMK members are given unlimited numbers of downloads from their IMK.
How can I search for someone’s IMK?
You can search for an IMK member’s profile from our main site, which will link to their IMK.
Can my IMK be kept private?
Of course! We have a very large number of members who prefer their IMK be kept private from the public eye and search engine indexes for a wide variety of reasons. That’s why we gave our Professional and Celebrity members the option of password-protecting both their entire IMK or just certain sections of their IMK. This way you have 100% control over who gets access to your content!
Are there restrictions to what I can upload?
Just a few. We honor and support your passion for your artistry, creativity and your authentic expression, which is why we created this platform in the first place. And, we ask that you honor our terms of usage too. As such, photos may not contain nudity. Photos, Video and Audio may not contain violent or offensive material, or content copyrighted by anyone other than yourself.
Is my content safe from download?
Yes & No.Yes! If you are a Pro or Celebrity member, you may choose to password protect your site and choose who to give your password to. No, nor is it on any other site and don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise. The real truth is, with the right software there will always be ways to strip content from the Internet. There is absolutely no way to completely protect any of your assets that are uploaded. Even with Myspace which has one of, if not the most advanced streaming encryptions available, there is software that can strip it in seconds. Essentially anything you can listen to or even watch (movies) on your computer can be recorded and saved by a myriad of free software that is readily available. So if you really want to protect your content, the only way is to fully password protect your IMK giving only limited access to those you trust.
Can my IMK be downloaded to my hard drive?
Yes, but only pieces that you make downloadable, meaning something you have uploaded to your IMK. The rest of the content that you type or copy and paste in is for live-time viewing only.
How often can I change the color scheme and how long does it take?
You can change color schemes as often as you like 24/7 in just seconds! Simply choose a new color from the drop-down menu and click “save”. It’s that easy!
Is it possible to customize the design of my IMK?
Yes! You may customize the color scheme and banner to match your existing marketing materials or main website.


How do I get help if I need it?
Our friendly IMK Support Team experts are available via help desk so whenever you need help it’s just a click away.
Who is, LLC?, LLC (IMK) combines decades of online and offline marketing and web development experience with a passion for helping you get your message out into the world. We are committed to providing you with a platform to make it easy for you to do what you came here to do…deliver value and make a difference. And, make your passion a profitable one!
Can’t I just put up an online media kit on my own website?
Yes, of course you can. However, it will most likely cost you more time and more money and you are at the mercy of your web developer. Say you’re up for a speaking gig and you want to add a speech topic designed for that potential client and update your bio with your latest achievements. Only it’s 8pm and you’re planning on talking to the prospective client first thing in the morning, at which time you’ll be sending them to your site to peruse your bio, speech topics, et al. What happens if your web developer doesn’t answer his phone at that late hour? You’re stuck with an out-of-date bio and no sign of your customized speech topic…that’s what happens!With IMK, not only can your web developer get access to your IMK, but YOU have 24/7 access to your IMK to make any changes necessary. And, it’s so user-friendly that we like to say a drunk gorilla would find it easy to use…not that we’re comparing you to a drunk gorilla or anything…The point is…YOU STAY IN CONTROL OF YOUR CONTENT! You get to change any or all of your content whenever you want to.

Unless you’re a savvy web-developer designing and programming your own website, storing your online media kit on your own website could cost you unnecessary time, energy and money – not just paying a developer to do a job that you yourself could do in a nano-second, but on any lost opportunities you may experience because your content wasn’t up to date or available.

Also, Pro and Celebrity members have the option of uploading their own banner artwork so they can use the banner from their main site for total brand continuity. When a visitor to your main site clicks on your Media Kit tab, your IMK opens up in a separate browser but looks like an extension of your own site. So, most visitors won’t even know they’re leaving your website.

You know what the best solution is for you. Whichever way you choose to go, we wish you the best of success on your journey!

Do you offer package deals for bureaus, agencies, publicists, etc.?
Absolutely! Please email for more details.
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